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Your IP or IP address is a unique number and decimals assigned to your PC, laptop, tablet or any other computing device with an access to the internet. Your ISP assigns this unique number to you which can be used to identify you and share information with others within your network. A unique IP is assigned to all devices connected to your network. Equivalent to your IP address, in reality, is your phone number or a street address since it is used to identify a unique entity. The “IP” in IP-address means Internet Protocol, while the “address” is a unique number used to trace all your internet activities when online – similar to the return address on your mail.

Even though most people don’t care much about their IP; it is critical for your online safety and browsing experience. You can receive updates on the weather, read breaking news, watch YouTube videos and more thanks to your IP. Without an IP address, organisations like the BBC, the Met Office and others would not be able to transmit information requested by you to your smart devices.

Your IP address can be verified in several different ways. You can speak to your Internet Service Provider about your IP, or you could do a quick search online by typing “what is my IP?” or what is my IP address?”. IP lookup tools like myiplocator.net, whatismyip.com, mxtoolbox.com and more will generate your IP address in less than a second. The result will include details such as ISP, City, Region, Country, Postal Code and even your time zone.

Is an IP Lookup Tool Always Correct?

Thus, your IP address can be easily known thanks to an IP lookup tool. However, you should know that no IP lookup tool is 100% accurate due to several factors. A few of these factors include the location of your IP controlling agency, registration location of your IP address, type of IP (static or dynamic), cellular IPs, proxies and more. For example, if you are in the UK and your IP controlling agency is in Asia, it is possible that your IP address lookup will return as Asia. It is, therefore, mistaken to believe an IP address lookup is precise and accurate.

If you carry out an IP lookup, don’t expect to get the physical mailing address of the person assigned the particular IP. There is no such IP lookup tool in the market presently with the capability of delivering such results. The best you can get is the city where the IP user is located. Your ISP (Internet Service Provider) is responsible for granting you access to the internet and so holds the accurate information of your physical mailing address. Only your ISP can use your IP address to locate you at any given moment. Information regarding your precise location held by your ISP is not shared by your ISP with any third party unless a legal documentation such as a police warrant or court order is issued forcing the ISP to reveal this information.

Can an IP Location Give Me a Precise Location?

For example, if you are being harassed online and received offensive messages from a random IP address, don’t expect to identify the precise physical mailing address or hideout of the culprit just by using an IP lookup tool such as myiplocator.net. The IP lookup tool will provide at best a postal code and the name of the city registered to the IP. To get the precise location, you’ll have to file a complaint to the ISP with evidence of all the information from your conversations with the person in question. Better still, you can take the case to the Police or Court for a judgement to be passed on the issue. To learn more about IP address lookup, please get in touch with My IP Locator at your convenience.