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Hide IP Address

How to hide your IP Address?

With many hackers on the internet, it has never been more important to hide your IP address than it is today. Your IP address is assigned by your internet service provider (ISP) via a router. Through your IP address all your online activities such as browsing websites, sending emails, download history, shopping preferences, etc. can be known by your ISP and other third parties. Your geolocation such as country or city can also be known using your IP address, but a warrant will be required to uncover your exact location.

Therefore to browse securely and remain anonymous online, you need to protect your IP address. There are multiple techniques to do this, but the best way is to use the best VPN that can help you to hide your IP address when you visit certain restricted or suspicious websites.

Hide my IP address with a VPN

VPNs hide your IP address by connecting you to another network and when this happens your device will be designated a new IP address from the VPN service provider. The VPN network controls all traffic from your device to keep your true IP address hidden from third parties. Hiding your IP is just one of the benefits of using a VPN. A VPN can also help you to gain access to a network that may be geo-restricted. They assign a new IP address which can be used to access the geo-restricted network. For example, if you live in a country where Facebook is banned, a VPN will allow you to gain access to Facebook in that country.

Why hide my IP address?

Besides the reasons mentioned above, there are a lot more reasons people may wish to keep their IP address hidden when they browse online. In fact, you may have your personal reasons for wanting to keep your IP address hidden. Whatever your reason, it is important to use a VPN to remain completely anonymous and secure. Here are a few prevalent motives why people wish to remain hidden while using the internet.

Conceal your identity from competitors – If you wish to make an anonymous comment on a post that belongs to your competitor, you might want to keep your identity a secret. Without a VPN, they will be ale to see your IP address and thus your identity will be an open book.

Keep your geographical location private – Certain networks restrict certain geographical locations, therefore to access these networks you might need a new geographical location without actually relocating. This can be obtained by using a VPN.

Avoid web tracking – Websites can track your activities when you visit and open pages on the site. They can tell which pages have been visited and how long you spent on each page. If you’d rather prefer to remain anonymous then using a VPN might be your only remedy.

Protect your identity – Your privacy and sensitive data are at the mercy of hackers each time you use the internet without a VPN. If a hacker gets hold of your IP address, they can easily know your location, ISP and thus putting your private data at their mercy.

What are the best VPNs to use?

There are many VPNs out there to help you hide your IP address. Unfortunately not every VPN is built the same, some are better than others. Here are some highly recommended VPNs based on client feedbacks and ratings.