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IP Blocker for WordPress: How to Stop Storing IPs in Comments

We all know that basically everything on the internet is tracked or monitored in some form.

For some people, this may not be a concern. For others, it’s a huge worry and breach of security. It can sometimes seam like there’s nothing we can do to protect ourselves and the people around us from having their information logged.

Your IP address is a unique fingerprint that lets the internet know that your computer is, well, yours. The computers within your wifi network will share an IP address through that network, which is often logged as you browse the web.

If you use WordPress, you may have noticed that you’re able to see the IP address of everyone who leaves a comment for you. This is because WordPress actually logs the IP address of each and every person that posts through it.

MyIPLocator is here to help you figure out the importance of your IP address, which VPNs could be useful to you, and how to use tools like an IP blocker to protect privacy on the web.

Be sure to check out our site for more great information that could help you avoid the breaches in privacy that using the internet these days can sometimes expose you to.

If you want to stop WordPress from logging all of the IP addresses of the people who visit your site, keep reading!

Why an IP blocker could be your solution

WordPress is currently logging and adding the IP address of users in a database that is visible to you and, potentially, people with malicious intentions.

Regardless of the circumstances, some WordPress users are choosing to use a tool called an IP Blocker to protect the privacy of others. Think of it as keeping an eye out to make sure your neighbor’s house is safe while they’re out for the weekend– it’s likely nothing will happen, but you want to keep their house just as secure as yours!

This is why using an IP blocker could be the perfect solution. It blocks IP addresses from being logged by websites like WordPress to protect the privacy of others.

How to use an IP blocker

If you’ve come to the decision that you should be using an IP blocker for your WordPress site, congratulations! MyIPLocator is a big supporter of protecting yourself and others from information mining.

So how do you use an IP blocker?

Use a plugin

Making sure that the IP addresses of people using your WordPress site can be as simple as adding a plugin to do the job for you.

Though logging IP addresses is a function built into WordPress, they have thankfully given users the options to block this through the Remove IP plugin.

All you need to do is add this plugin to your site for it to begin blocking IP logging.

Add a code

If you want to stop WordPress from logging IP addresses, and you don’t want to use the WordPress plugin for it, you can do it manually.

You will want to insert specific coding that will override the built-in settings of WordPress to ensure that the IP address of your users isn’t saved or visible.

Do you have any tips to stop storing IP addresses in WordPress? Let us know in the comments below!

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