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What is My IP Address is Only Part of the Importance of Geolocation

Geolocation is the pairing of an IP address to a geographical or physical location. It is important to know the geolocation of your site visitors especially if you own an e-commerce website. This information can help you organise highly targeted marketing campaigns based on the geolocation of your site visitors. Knowing the geolocation of your site visitors can also help you automate country codes on forms, identify and tackle areas with high levels of credit card fraud and make available multiple language options based on the geolocations of your site visitors. Geolocation can also help in the identification of illegal spammers and hackers.

IP Geolocation and Other Tools for Locating Details of an IP Address

Unfortunately, it is almost impossible to locate the precise location of a site visitor using just their IP address. Nevertheless, approximate locations can be obtained using other specialist tools such as the ARIN Whois database. The database provides a system to help you locate the contact and registration details of IP addresses that are registered with ARIN. The Whois system reveals the ISP and country of origin, in some cases, it also reveals the city of origin. Other third party sites like Dnsstuff, Geobytes and ip2location, can also help to locate IP addresses.

Reverse DNS can also be used to discover the host of an IP address which might take you a step further in unearthing the precise location of the IP address. However, reverse DNS is not always reliable as it usually depends on the right settings of the ISP’s DNS server. Also, you might be mistaken for assuming the domain names for particular countries such as .com for the US, is always the case. However, not every .com website is located in the US.

If you always wondered what your IP address is, and find yourself asking the question “what is my IP address?” then it should please you to know you can find out what your IP address is on My IP Locator. My IP Locator can be used to determine your IP address details including your ISP, City, Region, Country and even postal code.

IP Address Location – Geolocation FAQ

  1. Define IP-based Geolocation?
  • It is the linking of an IP address to the geographic location of a device connected to the internet in the real world. It involves pairing or mapping the IP address to a city, country, ISP, etc.
  1. How can I get an IP-based Geolocation database?
  • Many commercially available as well as free geolocation databases exist such as Ip2location, IPligence, MaxMind and Tamo Soft. Most of these IP-based geolocation vendors have codes and APIs that will help you retrieve geolocation data.
  1. What is the accuracy of IP-based Geolocation?
  • There are many geolocation databases, and the accuracy depends on the one you use. Anything above 50% is seen as good. Some vendors claim IP-to-country database have 98% to 99% accuracy while IP-to-City has an accuracy of between 50% to 75%.
  1. What is the idea behind IP-based geolocation?
  • All IP resources registered with ARIN can be traced and retrieved. ARIN Whois database provides a mechanism for finding the contact and registration information of such IP addresses. The IP Whois resource is complimentary, and countries can be easily determined from the database. A request is normally submitted when an organisation requires a group of IP addresses, then allocated IP addresses will be assigned to a requested ISP.